Private Paint Classes

Earning a living as a professional artist is sometimes difficult. Not every artist has a dedicated group of clients. Teaching...


Vintage and Retro Art

Homes, furniture and clothing are all part of the vintage and retro movements. People search far and wide for items...


Decorative Art on Mirrors

During the 1960’s and ‘70’s, mirror art was cherished by many. It was a new way to have a painting...

Displays of art at schools may discourage people from taking classes. If they have little or no education in drawing or painting, these displays may seem overwhelming. Many schools have placed displays done by advanced students to show the level of competency they have taught. Students who have never taken a class should not let this dissuade them from beginning to learn. With hard work and a bit of talent they too can learn how to produce wonderful drawings and paintings of their own. They may find this is their best talent, or the teacher may help guide them to other art forms that better suit their gift.